"More than the Jewish people have kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jewish people." Abraham Joshua Heschel



Heschel's words remind us how central Shabbat is to maintaining our Jewish souls. The Sabbath enables us to pause from the hectic pace of daily life, restore our souls, and connect with friends and family. That's why we have launched the Temple Beth Sholom Shabbat Table Project.

Through this project, many of our Temple members are opening their homes to share a Shabbat celebration with members of the community with a member of the Temple Beth Sholom clergy. Thanks to the generosity of our hosts, we hope to include many in these celebrations.

If you wish to be invited to a dinner, or if you would like to open your home to guests, please contact Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz at rabbipomerantz@tbsmb.org

Both hosts and guests may be novices to Shabbat observance. We look forward to helping everyone celebrate.