November 6, 2015
24 Cheshvan 5776

Schedule of Services
Friday, November 6
6:00 pm   Shabbat Service in the Sanctuary 

Saturday, November 7

9:30 am    Torah Study

9:30 am    Tot Shabbat & SLJ Family Shabbat 

10:30 am   Minyan Service 


Parashat Chayei Sarah

It is ironic that the name of this week’s Torah portion is called “Life of Sarah” when the Torah portion deals primarily with Abraham’s grief. Sarah’s death is not dealt with in any way related to how she lived. The “Life of Sarah” becomes a sub-context for Abraham’s behavior. One rabbi teaches that this is what happens when someone we love dies – their life becomes a sub-context for our life. Their influence changes us in unknown and mysterious ways.    

Question: Are you living in a way that your life will be understood as a blessing to future generations?



~ written by Rabbi Robert Davis