Hadassah Blum                                                                                                hadassah@tbsmb.org

Second Grade Shabbat School

Hadassah has been working in education for over twenty years. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hadassah became a Hebrew and Judaic Studies teacher in Seminar AMIA. Hadassah is regularly taking courses and continuing her Hebrew and Judaic Studies education. She enrolled in Bank Street College and University of Pittsburg and is a proud graduate of the URJ program of Sheliach Kehilah.

Chava Deweiser                                                                                                chava@tbsmb.org

Fourth and Fifth Grade Hebrew School

Eva Zack de Waisser, better known as Morah (teacher) Chava, was born in Mexico City. She attended a Jewish Day school and studied at the University of Mexico where she got her Bachelors degree in teaching. Morah Chava earned her Masters in Judaic Studies and Hebrew language from Mexico’s University. While a teenager, Chava belonged to Bnei Akiva, a religious youth Zionist Organization, where she was a “Madricha”” and years later became Head of a Jewish Day School in Mexico.

Currently, Morah Chava teaches Judaic studies and Hebrew at Gordon Day school and for the last five years, she has been the 4th and 5th grade teacher of the Rabbi Leon Kronish School of Living Judaism on Mondays and Tuesdays. She has always been involved with children and youth. Chava loves being part of the Temple Beth Sholom family.


Sarit Levi                                                                                                         

Sixth Grade Hebrew School

Sarit was born in Israel in the city of Tel-Aviv. She speaks Hebrew, English, Russian and Arabic. When she turned 18 years old she joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and served in the Intelligence Force for two years. After the army she studied at Bar-Ilan University in Israel and graduated with B.A in English Literature and Arabic Studies.

Sarit moved to Miami in 2000 and I has been teaching Hebrew/Judaic Studies ever since. She teaches all age groups from Kindergarten to Middle school. “I have been working in Temple Beth-Sholom since 2004 and I love it here.  The students are amazing and are very enthusiastic especially regarding Israel and holidays. I am very proud to be a part of Beth-Sholom community.”


Malka Mordujovich                                                                                                                        

Nitzanim, Fourth and Sixth Grade Hebrew School

Morah Malka was born is Argentina. In her youth, she belonged to a Youth Zionist Organization that sent her to Israel for a year by ship. On the last day in the incipient State of Israel , Golda Meir addressed her group at the Hebrew University and told them: "Don't forget the language, it is going to be a "Gesher va Kesher im Ha Haretz" (a bridge and a connection to the land). Malka clearly remembers promising herself not to forget Hebrew.

She later went back to her hometown, La Plata, where she studied Psychology. Malka married Jorge and moved to the States.

Temple Beth Sholom became her home way from Israel when she and her family settled in Miami Beach, about four decades ago.  After her children grew up, Malka started teaching Hebrew t at Beth Sholom. She has been doing this for the last quarter of the century.

Malka does not consider teaching work but Avodat Kodesh (sacred work) as it allows her to instill in her students the feelings that Golda Meir instilled in her heart. She is privileged to be part of this wonderful family.

Malka is a proud Sabta (grandma) of four beautiful grandchildren.


Liron Ribakov                                                                                                                                   

Hebrew School and Miami Country Day Satellite

Liron was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.  In 2001 she joined the Israeli Defense Forces and served as an Artillery Sergeant during her military service.  After she completed her army service she traveled extensively throughout South America. Liron completed her Bachelor Degree at Tel Aviv University in Journalism, Media and Film in 2011.  While studying at Tel Aviv University, she worked as a Guest Relations Liaison for large organizations who came to tour Israel.  She recently moved to the United States and got married to Jack Dweck, and is currently working as a private Hebrew tutor.  She is very excited to be joining the Temple Beth Sholom team in both the Hebrew School program as well as the Miami Country Day satellite program!


Sharon Sizman                                                                                                                                 

Tutor for Hebrew and Shabbat School

Sharon was born and raised in Florida all her life. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Religious studies Minor and Judaic Studies Certificate from Florida International University. In addition, she has a Master of Science in Elementary Education with an ESOL Endorsement from Nova Southeastern University. In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies and Israeli dancing. Sharon loves working with kids and is happy to be teaching Hebrew and Judaism at Temple Beth Sholom.

Shoshana Sizman

Third and Fifth Grade Hebrew School, third grade Shabbat School and tutor

Shoshana was born in Israel and grew up in Tel Aviv. She received a Senior Teacher Certificate in Early Childhood Education through third grade from the State Seminary for Teachers and Nursery Teachers in Tel Aviv. In addition, she received a Senior Hebrew Teacher Certificate for Adult Education from the Israeli Army, and a Senior Hebrew Teacher Certificate as a Second language from Tel Aviv University. She holds a Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language Teachers’ License from the Greater Miami Board of License.

Shoshana served in the Israeli Defense Force teaching new immigrants soldiers from all over the world. Before coming to Florida, she taught an Ulpan class for Jewish students from south America and the United States. In the past 32 years, Shoshana has enjoyed teaching Hebrew and Judaic Studies for children of all ages and adults at Temple Beth Sholom.

Avivit Ashkenazi                                                                                                                              

Hebrew School tutor, small groups and Shabbat School

Oleva Benrey                                                                                                                                    

Fourth Grade Shabbat School 

Brittany Cahlin
Kindergarten and First Grade Shabbat School

Hannah Citrin
Drama Specialist Shabbat School

Ely Doron
Fifth and Sixth Grade Shabbat School

Mallie Duboff
Music Specialist and song leader

Leslie Harris
Tot Shabbat and Shabbat School storyteller

Diana Hyde

Rivka Lipschitz

 Oren Maisner
Hebrew and Shabbat School

Barbara Schpilberg

Grace Sherman
Artist-in residence

Deldra Owens
Administrative Assistant