Endowment Committee

The mission of the Endowment committee is to promote giving to build our Temple Beth Sholom Endowment Fund so we can provide for future generations by reducing the cost of membership and operating expenses today, tomorrow and in the future.
Co-Chairs:    Jack Karson and Suzanne Meltzer
Ronald Albert, Jr., Michael Aller, Marjorie Baron, Julie Bercow, John Bussel, Hobert Hertzberg, Andrew Hirschl, Sanford Horwitz, Elsie Howard, Arden Karson, Etan Mark, Roger Miller, Melissa Netkin, Stevan Pardo, Ronald Schrager

Circle of Giving Committee
The mission of the Circle of Giving Committee is to provide critical support for members who are unable to pay their full commitment or service fees.

Co-Chairs:    Diane Katzen, Rachel Weissman, Carrie Wiesenfeld, Brielle Mark
Committee:  Ron Albert, Elaine Bachenheimer, Marjorie Baron, Jocelyn Berman, Jim Fierberg, Robert Hertzberg, Terry Jove, Alice Miller, Adrienne Pardo, Sheree Savar

Life Cycle Committee
The mission of the Life Cycle committee is to assist our community with Life Cycle events.

Event Fundraising Committee
The mission of the Event Fundraising committee is to conceptualize and execute important fundraising events for the Temple.

Co-Chairs:    Niety & Gary Gerson, Adrienne & Stevan Pardo

Committee:   Jocelyn Berman, Dana Kulvin & Daniel Dietch, Marjorie Baron, Cyndy and Ron Albert, Julie & Jeff Bercow, Howard Broad, Elizabeth Camargo, Charles & Deborah Citrin, Moni Cohen, Lori & Michael Dribbin, Jim Fierberg, Shelley Niceley Groff, Anita Grossman, Andy & Debbie Hirschl,  Jack & Arden Karson, Tara & Brian Katz, Diane & Bruce Katzen, Judy & Barry Kutun, Dana & Andrew Levi, Ann Marie & Rogelio Lilenbaum, Suzanne & Brad Meltzer, Jana & Roger Miller, Sara & Andrew  Moriber, Melissa &Robert Netkin, Bobbi Ossip, Sharlane Packar, Leslie & Wayne Pathman, Linda & Gary Rosenberg, Andi & Peter Russin, Caryn Shapiro & Michael Pardo, Gary & Vanessa Ressler,  Robin Straus Furlong, Heidi & Aaron Tandy, Rachel Unger & Michael Feldman, Rachel & Jeffrey Weissman, Carrie & Jason Wiesenfeld, Jean & Henry Wodnicki, Eileen & Phil Youtie, Caryn Zinn Musaffi, Michael Aller, Wendy Belkin, Annette Cannon, Peter & Pam Luria, Debbie & Matthew Liebowitz, Rachel & Mark Umlas, Karen & Mark Rivo, Judy & Kevin Abrams, Kim & Eric Mendelson, and Janet & Sandy Horwitz.

Foundation School Endowment Committee (Project Fund to Inspire a Richer Education)
The mission of Project F.I.R.E. is to promote and protect the continued evolution of the Foundation School's educational programming and teacher development. This Endowment fund complements the funds generated by the Parent and Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) as well as the Foundation School's Annual Budget. The monies raised will pay for carefully selected educational tools and programs the administration will use to improve the school through innovation. With this effort we are building on the true excellence that already exists in the belief this is an endless process, as it should be.      

Co-Chairs: Andrew Schultz and Diana Schultz

If you are interested in getting involved or want more information, please contact David Lamden, Executive Director, at 305.538.7231 x231 or