Q: What does more for a child's Jewish identity than Latkes at Chanukah, Matzah at Pesach or Blintzes at Shavuot? 

A: Having a chance to taste them all and so much more in Israel. 

Q: How can you provide this opportunity for your child? 

A: Enroll your child in the Gift of Israel program. 

nftyisrael"Gift of Israel" (formerly known as Passport to Israel), helps to provide students with the opportunity to participate in an educational trip to Israel during their teen years. The program is sponsored by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and Temple Beth Sholom.

The plan works this way: Each year, for up to ten years, the family contributes a maximum amount of $100, and a match of up to $100 will be made by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and Temple Beth Sholom. At any time between 10th grade and the student's senior year in college, the accumulated funds and interest can be applied toward the cost of an educational trip to Israel. While enrolled, students receive GOI (Gift of Israel) publicity and educational materials regarding Israel.

Studies have shown that group experiences, especially Israel trips, are strong factors in determining the strength of Jewish commitment in college. Don't let this opportunity go by! We are excited about the possibilities the Gift of Israel program offers and hope that all of our families will want to take part.

Over the total saving period, your child will accumulate, with interest over $3,000. While this will not cover an entire trip to Israel, it will provide a significant portion. The funds are available for use from the end of the 10th grade through College.

These are some of the many Israel Program options you can consider:
Alexander Muss High School in Israel
March of the Living
NFTY Summer Tour
BBYO Programs
Masa Long-Term Israel Programs

To sign up for this wonderful program, or for additional information, do not hesitate to contact Yael Dadoun.
(*Participants have to be members in good standing)


Gift of Israel

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